IDC Health Insights Spotlight
Many health care organizations believe that electronic medical records (EMRs) are the only technology needed to meet the objectives of accountable care. It’s clear that while the EMR provides important information for population health management, access to rich, integrated claims and clinical data is needed to provide a more complete picture of a patient and allow assignment to interventions that provide the best outcomes. Also critical to meeting accountable care objectives are the workflow tools to create communication and engagement strategies that provide collaboration among providers, care managers and patients.

With the right technology and organizational transformation, health care organizations can meet the Triple Aim — improving the patient experience of care (including quality and satisfaction), improving the health of populations, and reducing the per capita cost of health care.

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About IDC Health Insights
IDC Health Insights assists health businesses and IT leaders, as well as the suppliers who serve them, in making more effective technology decisions by providing accurate, timely, and insightful fact-based research and consulting services. Staffed by senior analysts with decades of industry experience, our global research analyzes and advises on business and technology issues facing the payer, provider and life science industries.

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About Lumeris

Lumeris is an accountable care delivery innovation company offering health systems, payers and providers operations, technology and consulting services. Our transformational solutions help health care organizations design, build, operate, measure and optimize any accountable care model to accomplish the Triple Aim Plus One: improved quality, cost, and patient and physician satisfaction. The depth and breadth of Lumeris' solutions - combined with its extensive experience in accountable care - make the company an ideal partner for any health care organization seeking the benefits of a better connected, aligned and informed accountable delivery system.

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Cynthia Burghard is a Research Director with IDC Health Insights where she is responsible for research on Accountable Care Organizations. Her passion is to provide the intelligence needed to manage the business and quality of healthcare. She has pioneered the use of healthcare information including building healthcare data warehouses at both the local and national level, developing and implementing analytics for employers, health insurance management, physicians, hospitals and government agencies...Continue Reading
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IDC Health Insights Spotlight
Keith Blankenship is a consummate software development and technology executive, with more than 24 years of development and engineering experience. In his role at Lumeris, he is responsible for the development of various technology solutions that improve health care coordination, collaboration, and overall accountability. Prior to joining Lumeris, Mr. Blankenship was Director of Application Development at Coventry Health Care, and held various management positions at Blue Cross and Blue Shield of Missouri.
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Key topics covered in the IDC Health Insights Spotlight sponsored by Lumeris:
  • The Importance of Technology
  • Transforming an Organization
  • IDC Health Insights' Accountable Care Maturity Model: Overview of Maturity Stages
  • The Benefits of Technology
  • The Accuracy of Data
  • Accountable Care Trends